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  • Gel fuel For the SPIN table fires 90 and 120
  • Liquid fuel for SPIN table fire 900 and 1200
  • Safe, natural, sustainable, odorless and smokeless fuel
  • Available as a single bottle or 6-pack
  • 1l bioethanol burning gel per bottle
  • Use with SPIN refill can
  • Safety label according to Regulation (EC) No. 1907/2006 (REACH)

SPIN Bioethanol - The bioethanol burning gel made from thickened alcohol is produced from renewable raw materials and therefore burns CO²-neutral and completely smoke- and odor-free. The 1 l bioethanol bottle is for use with the stainless steel refill can.

Safety instructions:
Never pour burning gel into an open flame.

Never pour burning gel into a hot or warm can.

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The fuel: natural and sustainable

höfat's bioethanol is pure alcohol obtained from renewable raw materials and biological waste. This natural fuel for SPIN is therefore sustainable and also burns completely odorless and smoke-free.

Burns safely and cleanly - even indoors

With höfat's bioethanol you are on the safe side in every respect. The natural burning gel burns smoke-free and odorless. There is no soot or smoke, so SPIN can also be used indoors without any problems.

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1, 6

Fuel type

Gel fuel (SPIN 90 & 120), liquid fuel (SPIN 900 & 1200 with Bio Burner)