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Naturally fresh and green!

Our moss pictures are made from real mosses. They are preserved using a special natural preservation process based on glycerine and food coloring. This means they retain their natural appearance and do not require water. You can therefore enjoy a fresh green moss picture for a long time.

Kugelmoos meets Waldmoos!

Our pictures, composed of fresh, intense green tones of mosses and framed like a work of art, put your walls in a new light. Some of the green spherical mosses nestle close together in their frames. In another picture, light green cushion mosses rise up like islands from the dark forest moss background. This natural 3D effect of the objects becomes the highlight of your room.


Every picture is unique!

With our pictures, you can create stylish accents in any room. Simply choose between the different pictures. Every single picture is unique and made by hand.

Custom-made products such as entire moss walls or room dividers are also no problem for us.


Care made easy!

The moss pictures do not need to be watered regularly and do not require much light. Although the mosses are living plants, they do not need to be pruned or fertilized. The moss pictures are therefore 100% maintenance-free. Just make sure that you hang the pictures in as suitable a location as possible.


The pictures should not be exposed to direct and strong sunlight. They should also not be mounted directly above a radiator. Any dust should be removed promptly with a conventional feather duster.


Additional information

Size 120 × 60 cm
Moss type

50% spherical moss 50% flat moss, 100% spherical moss

Frame color

black, white